Who I AM

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Laura first became enamored with aesthetic floral design and the creative possibilities of working with flowers when she was sixteen, through her first job at Denny Wiggers Landscaping & Garden Center in Paramus, NJ. She worked her way up to floral manager and assisted in establishing a thriving florist and garden center. Since her time there, she has studied Floral Design at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and has worked in various capacities within the floral industry. 

  Through perseverance and a long-standing passion for design, Laura embarked on her lifelong dream in 2018, when she founded Red Carnation Floral. She is filled with joy by the pleasure that flowers bestow onto others and is dedicated to working with clients to fulfill their specific requests in a timely manner.   

Laura’s experience working in a busy shop and at large-scale high-profile events has helped her develop a unique style that is grounded in texture, simplicity, and coordinated color schemes. She enjoys interpreting and delivering on customer requests and seeing their visions come to life.

Photo by Amy Mayes Photography


Let me plan your next event or floral design class: 
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